Section A-Truth, Spirituality and Contemporary Issues

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The act of focusing, or reflecting deeply, on spiritual matters. It is done by thinking deeply and clearing the mind. People might do this to focus on God and to build on the relationship they have with God.

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Is a system of thoughtful prayer and spiritualitywhich helps the follower to get a more direct contact with God. it is A system of belief that helps a person to gain special revelation of God.

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A dutiful devotion to God and obvservance of religious principles. Examples are holy orders, discipline, worship, follow religion strictly.

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Is something which represents something else. For example, Places, words, objects, actions, such as crosses, crucifixes, rosary beads.

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Voluntary Organisations

Religious people get involved in these. Orphanages, schoolsand hospices came out of religious motivation(religious volonteers). People support the groups by donating money, offering advice and encourage other people to join groups.

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How might religious people find purpose in their l

Through belief in god and the belief in life after creation (a belief in a creator God who is loving and caring) They might find it by helping others(charity work or looking after the elderly/sick).

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What evidence is Scientific proof based on?

It is based on what we know and the conclusions we draw at the time. Scientists can not call something scientific proof unless the experiment has been repeated with the same outcome each time.

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What aspects are important in religious faith?

Trust: Relying on and having confidence in the thruth/worth/reliability of a person or thing. Trust changes belief into faith. people make concsious choices on which faith to follow. What a person expeiences helps to support their faith(A vision or feeling the prescense of God)

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Faith Communities

Its aim is to bring people together (all people, all chrisitans) by discusing the bible, and an act of worship 3 times a day. A faith community offers suport in a comunal fashion. It gives a person the oppertunity to devote their whole life to god and allows the opertunity to worship together and gives a sense of brotherhood.

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