Section 1: Beliefs and Values

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It is taught in the Quran

It makes Muslim make sense out of life ­ give purpose and direction

Make Allah the focal point of life

Following the example of the Prophet (SAW)

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No-one is worth worshipping except Allah

All living creatures must be treated with respect ­ all life comes from Allah

Muslim community should be one

Keep Allah in the centre of everything ­ being true to din

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Contradicts Tawhid which is the most basic principle of Islam

Breaks the commitment made when the Shahadah is recited

Islam is a pure and true religion ­ Shirks takes this away

Nothing must get in the way of Allah being the first and most important being in a Muslim's life.

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Creativity of Allah


Everything is under the control of Allah ­ Allah determines all that happens in the universe, not human beings.

All life belongs to Allah, he is the source of all life which is very precious and given to humans as a gift therefore we must treat it with care (sanctity of life)

Human knowledge is limited and can never understand the wishes of Allah

It enables Muslims to recognise the order and beauty of life from Allah

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Mercy and Compassion in Allah


Allah forgives his servants

Allah loves his servants

Allah supports his servants

Allah cares for his servants

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Mercy and Compassion in Allah


Without this Muslims would feel hopeless, They know they would be judged fairly and therefore would do good and repent for sins.

Allah will judge everyone according to their actions. with out these qualities no one would survive his jugment. this brings muslims hope

It strengthens the love of Allah and devotion to him.

Allah won't always be gently with them but deal with them with justice and never lead them astray

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The world belongs to Allah

Allah give people responsibility for taking care of the world for His pleasure

They have a duty to look after it and make sure it is used properly

They must give an account of what they did in Allah's world

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it helps make the relationship between Allah and humans clear

People should ue their reason and skill to decide how to care for the earth- accept that earth belongs to Allah and not human

According to Iislam, Allah has given humans authority over all other living creatures- only they have the responsibility and Allah has put them in charge and responsible

Humans are answerable to Allah on the day of judgement for their stewardship- Must answer allah for their deeds

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Al-Qadr and Human Freedom

Meaning and importance of Al-Qadr

Allah is in control of future events, that means both good and bad

it is stated in the Qurn

it was taught by the prophet Muhammad 

submitting to the will of Allah is at the heart of being a muslim

helps muslims make sense of the world- knowing that Allah is in control of all events and everything happens for a reason

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Al-Qadr and Human Freedom

Free will

Allah is in control and he is not restricted on what he can do at the same time he has given humans free will

Humans are free to choose whether to act good or evil.- makes the different from animals and angels

On the day of judgement muslims will be questioned and judged by allah on how they lived their lives

without freewill , the judgement would be unfair- therefore all humans are responsible for all their actions

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Angels in Islam

They are made from light

they carry out exact instructions of Allah

 no free will - counted lower in importance than humans

limitless in number

invisible but may appear appear in human form

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Why are angels important

Angels are vital part of communicating a persons good and bad deeds back to Allah on the day of judgement

Angels communicate the exact uncorrupted message of Allah to human beings- important revelation

The quran mentions the other importance tasks which certain angels carry out- e.g. guarding places of worship

Angels protect you when you pray

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Risalah and the prophets

muslims  believe that Allah chooses messengers to preach his message, these messengers are called prophets

Belief in Allahs prophets is called risalah and they teach people how to follow gods message and live their life according to it.

Muslim believe that god sent 124000 messengers and some are named in the quran

Messengers are important becuase they brought the guidance of allah to different nations at various times

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Why is belief in Risalah important?

Prophets brought the guidance of Allah to different ntions at different times showing that the message was from the beginning

All prophets brought the same message showing that Allah is unchanging

All prophets bought the same message showing that Islam is the true religion

All prophets prepared the way for the messenger Muhammad (SAW)

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Holy books

Holy books other than the quran:

The tawrat- given to moses most people believe this to be the jewish torah

The Zabur- collection of hymns and songs, sent to Dawud people believe this to be the Psalms

The injil- Revelation given to Jesus, People believe this to be the bible

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Holy books

Importance of this belief:

They demonstrates that allah cares for people because Allah revelaed his message dirctly to people over time 

They show that only the quran hold the whole truth- so only islam can guide people on the correct path

Although the message has been distorted they were revelations from Allah and should be respected

The message has been changed so muslims should respect christians and jews because they have part of the truth - The quran states that the christians and jews are believers and should be recognised as they have special places they are referred to as the people of the book in the Quran

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The Quran

The night of power:

Referred to al layla tul Qadr

The most important event in the lifetime of the prophet because this is when he recieved revelation for the first time

The first verses that were revealed to him are in surah 96 in the quran

These were engraved in his hearts forever

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The Quran

Why is this revelation so important for muslims:

First words revealed to the prophet Muhammad (SAW) 

He became the final prophet because he recieved the final revelation

Proves that the Quran is teh exact words of Allah

It was the beginning to many revelations which went on for 23 years and formed the whole Quran

The Quran is a great miracle of islam because the prophet was illiterate 

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What is Aakirah?

Belief in life after death- main belief in islam

Muslims believe that Earth is a preperation for a better life after death

Before entering this next life they must be judged before Allah. Thier book of deeds which are recorded during their life is presented before them

Every individual will be judged on the day of judgement and no one knows when it will be

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How does this belief affect a persons life:

Alters muslim motivation of doing things

gives them meaning and purpose to life

They know god is merciful and will forgive them if they did wrong

Muslims will aim to :

obseve the five pillars

Avoid haram things

show kindness to others

Work hard so it pleases Allah

Be honest and fair in every aspect of life

Do every action for the pleasure of Allah

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