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Unit 11
Section 1: Belief &
values…read more

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1.1-The nature and importance of belief in
Key terms Definition
Din Way of life
Islam Peace gained through submission to Allah.
Muslim One who has submitted to Allah by accepting
Quran The holy book of Islam.
Tawhid The oneness of Allah.…read more

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c) Explain why belief in tawhid is important for Muslims. (8)
Taught in the Quran,
which is the word of
Helps Muslims follow Why belief
Helps Muslims
the teachings of is make sense of life
prophet Muhammad
Helps Muslims be less
selfish and think of
Allah…read more

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1.2 -The sin of shirk and why it is a major
sin in Islam
Key terms Definitions
Ibadah All acts of worship
Shirk The sin of regarding anything as an equal
partner of Allah.…read more

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c) Explain why Shirk is a major sin in Islam. (8)
Shirk breaks the commitment that Muslims
make when they recite the shahadah.
Islam is a pure religion ­ shirk takes away the
Belief in tawhid is the most basic principle of
Islam, going against it is definitely a major sin.
With shirk, Muslims are not able to emphasis the
importance of Allah in their lives.
`Allah forgiveth not (the sin of) joining other
gods with Him' (4:116)…read more

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1.3 -The meaning and importance of belief
in the creativity of Allah
Key terms Definitions
Creativity The action of creating the universe by Allah.
Iman Faith in Allah.…read more

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Excellent powerpoint

It summarises all the key points and is good for revision as it is very visual! Thanks

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