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This is all the keywords for the gcse islam course for the edexcel exam board.

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Section K1 Beliefs and Values
Tawhid the oneness of Allah
Shirk the sin of regarding anything as an equal or partner of Allah
Khalifah custodian or steward of the world for Allah
Adam the first man and first prophet of Allah
al Qadar Allah's control of future events
Risalah Muslim beliefs about the prophets of Allah
Ibrahim the prophet Abraham who is connected with much of the Hajj
Isa the prophet Jesus
Tawrat the holy book given by Allah to the prophet Musa
Zabur the holy book given by Allah to the prophet Dawud
Injil the holy book given by Allah to the prophet Isa
Akhirah Muslim beliefs about life after death
Section K2 Community and Tradition
Surah a chapter of the Qur'an
Ayat a verse of the Qur'an
Bismilah the words which begin every surah
prophethood the position of being a messenger of Allah
Makkah the city where the Ka'bah is and where Muhammad was born
hijrah the emigration of the Prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Madinah in 622
Madinah the city of the Prophet
Sunni Muslims who believe that the first four caliphs after the Prophet Muhammad were rightly guided
Shi'ah Muslims who believe only the caliph Ali was rightly guided
hadith the sayings and actions of the prophet Muhammad as recorded by his family and friends
imam a person who leads salah prayers
10 Muharram the day when Shi'ah Muslims remember the martyrdom of Hussein
Section K3 Worship and Celebration
Shahadah the declaration of Muslim faith which is the first pillar
salah the five daily prayers which are the second pillar
wudu the washing which must take place before salah
qiblah the direction of the Ka'bah in Makkah which must be faced in salah
niyyah the prayer of intention which begins salah
rak'ah a unit of prayer (each time of salah has a set number of units)
ju'mah the Friday midday prayers for which Muslim males must attend mosque
zakah a tax Muslims must pay for the poor which is the third pillar
ummah the world wide Muslim community
sawm fasting by going without food and drink during daylight hours and the fourth pillar
Ramadan the ninth month when the Qur'an says all Muslims must fast
IdulFitr the day after Ramadan ends, the festival of breaking the fast
hajj the annual pilgrimage to Makkah which is the fifth pillar
Tawaf going round the Ka'bah seven times in worship of Allah
Sa'y walking quickly between Safa and Marwah as part of Hajj
Mina a place near Makkah where pilgrims make the sacrifice
Arafat a plain near Makkah where pilgrims confess their sins
IdulAdha the festival of the sacrifice when all Muslims share in the event
of Hajj
Section K4 Living the Muslim Life
Shari'ah Islamic law based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah
halal that which is permitted or lawful
haram that which is forbidden or unlawful
jihad struggle against evil in the way of Allah
hijab used to describe the headscarf worn by Muslim women
riba any form of lending or borrowing money at interest
aqiqa the birth ceremony for Muslim children

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