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what is a search engine?

a search engine: a computer programme which searches for web content that contains or is associated with the keys words you have typed into the search engine e.g. google chrome

the search engine then searches its INDEXES for content containing those key words and it displays a list of the content which is matched

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search techniques

the choice of key words into the search engine is important 


- add more key words as it will narrow down the search results

- narrow it down further by clicking on the type of results e.g. on google you can click web, images etc.

- use advanced search facilities of the search engine

- search by date/language

- use more than one search engine to narrow down results further

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validity of search results

it is important that you check which results are valid as some websites:

-may infect your computer with spyware

- contain biased or inappropriate content

- or simply wont be about the subject that you searched for 

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