Communications software

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  • Communication Software
    • Hyperlinks
      • These are the links which you use to navigate around the web.
      • They can be pieces of text or graphics
      • Usually appear as blue underlined sections of text
    • Hotspots
      • An invisible hyperlink that may be hidden within images or areas on the screen
      • When mouse is placed over a hotspot the cursor may change
      • rollover text box may appear to display information about the object or hyperlink
    • URL
      • Uniform Resource Locator (web address)
      • Contains a scheme or protocol (e.g. http://www)
      • contains a host (the webserver that hosts that resource, e.g. bbc)
      • contains a domain type (signifying commercial, academic, etc, e.g. '.co' or '.ac')
      • contains a country code
      • contains a path to the file
    • Search Engines
      • Search engines locate, collect and store information about web pages and websites so we can find information we are looking for
      • They are computer programs
      • Some search engines are integrated into a browser with a search bar.
    • Boolean Operators & Quotation Marks
      • AND: only includes results that contain a match for both words or phrases entered into the search
      • OR: includes results that contain either of the words or phrases you enter in your search
      • NOT: will exclude any websites that contain your specified word or phrases. This can also be combined with AND to make searches more specific.
      • Quotation Marks: used in a search to ensure that the engine will only return results that contain the exact word or phrase.
    • Refining your search
      • Means reducing the number of results achieved by using criteria or more specific criteria to improve the accuracy of the search
      • This can be done using a combination of words or phrases
    • E-mail
      • Electronic mail: allows users to send mail across the internet
      • Need: a computer, ISDN or telephone line, modem of ISDN, an account with an ISP, email software
      • Contains an subject line.
        • this is the first piece of information about the email which briefly describes what email is about
      • Attachments
        • a document or file that can be added to an email
        • Sometimes this is represented by a paper clip
        • Viruses and worms can sent in an attachment
      • Junk mail
        • Spam
        • email marketing
      • CC: carbon copy. it can be used to send a replica of an email to someone else as well as the main recipient
      • BCC: bind carbon copy. it is used to copy other recipients into an email without their email address being viewed by anybody else receiving the email
      • Read receipt: this will send an email to the sender of the email informing them that the recipient has read the email
      • Delivery receipts: this is send an email to the sender of the email that it has reached the recipient's inbox


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