Privacy Issues

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  • Privacy Issues
    • Hackers
      • Gain unauthorised access to your digital devices and access your personal information
      • Use firewalls, passwords and encrypt information sent across networks
    • Identity Theft
      • Someone pretending to be another person by collecting information about their identity
      • Keep all personal information safe
    • Cookies
      • Small text files stored on your computer and they can store your browsing habits and frequently visited websites
      • Help with advertising relevant products but may be seen as an issue
      • Know how to delete and manage cookies
    • Search Engines
      • Record information about your searches including your location, the time you spend searching and the searches you made
      • Helps to personalise your searches and display relevant online adverts, makes it easier for hackers to gain users' personal information and to steal their identity
      • Sign out of relevant accounts, especially on public computers
    • Social Networking Sites
      • Keeps track of all your interactions and saves them so they can be used later
      • Know how to use privacy settings
      • Be aware of how much personal information you share online
    • How is Privacy Achieved
      • Keep personal information safe
      • Organisations you give your personal information to keep you information safe


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