Finding, selecting and using information

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Finding, selecting and using information

Sources of information:

  • Newspapers/magazines - online, much easier to find the information that you want
  • Books/ebooks - usually written by experts
  • Images - obtained off Internet
  • Maps - online
  • Conversation - digitally stored using microphone - Internet - famous speeches
  • CDROMs or DVDs - hold large video/music files/databases

Examples of searchable databases:

  • Online databases - stores of data
  • Internet - biggest and most popular
  • Podcasts - digital media files - audio/video: web syndication - automatically when connect to service can be fed podcasts
  • Web logs (blogs) - websites created by an individual with information about events
  • Wikipedia - online encyclopedia created by ordinary people
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Using discrimination when using sources of information:

  • Information is not always correct unless obtained from very reliable source

Searching using search engine:

  • prograams for finding information on the Internet

= Equal to

> Greater than

< Less than

<= Less than or equal to

>= Greater than or equal to

<> Is not equal to

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Complex searches:

Help to save time searching for information, narrow down the search

AND - only documents that contain both words

OR - documents that contain both words

Searching for exact match put ' ' on outside of words

NOT - e.g, Pets NOT cats

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