Uses of Electromagnetic Waves Physics P1T1

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Uses of Waves 1

Radiowaves can be used for:

-For televison and radiobroadcasts

-Emergency services use them to communicate

-Transmit satelite signals and communications

Microwaves can be used for:

-Used to cook foods in a microwave oven

-For communicating with your mobile phone

-Satelite communications (Tv satelite signals and satelite phones)

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Uses of Waves 2

Infrared can be used for:

-Rescue services use infrared cameras (thermal imaging)

-Optical fibres

-Used in kitchen appliances

-Remote controls

-Security systems, for example burglar alarrms and security lights

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Uses of Waves 3

Visible light is used:

- In light bulbs

-To take photographs

-For us to be able to see

Ultraviolet can be used for:

-Disinfecting wate

-Tanning and looking for forged money

-Used in special lamps

-Security pens

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Uses of Waves 4

X-rays can be used for:

-Medical x-rays

-In food factories

-In airport security scanners

-To scan luggage in airports

Gamma rays can be used:

-To detect cancer

-To treat cancer

-To sterilise food

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