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Physics P6
Sound is a longitudinal wave.

Light is a transverse wave.


A wave is a disturbance moving through a medium. Parts of the medium move to and

from as the wave passes, but the medium does not move as a while in the direction if

the wave.


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Wave properties:

Four ways on which all waves behave are: reflection, refraction, diffraction, and


The last two characteristics of waves. They provide evidence that a radiation behaves

like a wave.

Light waves:

Light behaves like a wave, showing diffraction and interference, if you look carefully.

Scientists believe that light…

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Electromagnetic waves can be used to vary information. This is `coded' on to a carrier

wave, as changes in amplitude or frequency (analogue signals), or by pulsing the beam

on and off very rapidly (digital signals)

Digital signals can be communicated more accurately, with less unwanted `noise'


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