RS - Conflict - How to talk about charities?

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IMPACT - Acronym

Identify the name of the person or agency.

Mention the religion that the peron or agency is working for.

Place what area the peron or agency is working in.

Acknowledge some of the main aspects of their work.

Consider how their work demonstrates the teaching of the belief.

Tell of specific examples of work they have done

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Christian - Corrymeela

I - Corrymeela

M - Christian

P - Northern Ireland, UK

A - Helping Protestants and Roman Catholics to talk and work together.

C - Standing against prejudice and learning to forgive and share faith.

T - Children's programmes in seperated neighbourhoods.

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Muslim - Azmin Khamisa

I - Azmin Khamisa

M - Muslim

P - USA - in colleges, schools and youth centres

A - Helping young people to consider the impact of violence and the gun culture.

C - Commitment to the teachings of the importance of forgiveness.

T - Violence Impact Forum programmes for young people.

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