Global Warming

The Greenhouse effect-

Burning fossil fuels which produces CO2 which forms a barrier that stops heat from escaping. 

Natural climate change-

Nature produces more CO2.

Solar activity- 

Radiation from the sun is warming the Earth

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Solutions for Global warming


-Make electricity without producing CO2

-Cars being powered by electric batteries 

-Use public transport

-Make things more effcient 

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Acid Rain & Solutions


-Burning fossil fuels releases sulphuric and nitric acid

-Changes the pH of rain water, this destroys buildings and forests 


-Use other energy sources other than fossil fuels

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Human waste & Solutions

The cause 

-Sewage and rubbish leads to the spread of disease and attracks rats


-Recycle more

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Eutophication & Solutions

The cause 

-Leads to a lack of oxygen and more plants in the water 

-Kills fish and poisons the water supply


-Have better sewage treatments. 

-Use less nitrates in farming fertilisers 

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Radioactive pollution & Solution


-Nuclear power stations produce waste

-It takes 1000's of years to become safe to bury it


-Reprocess nuclear waste

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Renewable sources

Can use over and over again.

Eg - wind and solar power


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Non-renewable source

Disapear once used

Eg - coal and oil

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Stewardship (Christian)

Is the idea which says we should protect the planet as God's caretakers. 

They get this idea from Adam and Eve 

To support Stewardship they would -

Organize conservation groups to protect the enviroment 

Preserve sacred sites and trees

Support conservation groups

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Dominion (Christian)

They believe they have the power

"Then Lord God placed man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and guard it"

Genisis 2:15 

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Christian teachings on Stewardship

-God gave humans dominion over the Earth

-The Earth is the Lords and everything in it

-Humans will face God on the day of judgement 

-When God created the world he said that it was good, humans should not destroy what God created. 

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Islam and the environment

"use the gifts he has given you" - Look after Allahs creation - Show respect and care

"it as charity on his part" - Use creation for the good of others - Give charity to those in need

"going to live for ever" - Think long term - Recycle, respect care

"Allah does not love wasters" - Don't waste resoucres - Use resources apporpriatley, don't be greedy

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Islam and the environment part 2

"Which isn't living in communties like you" - Communial living is part of Allahs plan - Don't disturb natural habitats 

"Allah... it is he who has created all things on earth for you" - Let creation point you to Allah - Live a spirtual life

"Why then do you not give thanks?" - Be grateful - offer prayers to Allah to show praise for his creation

"Let there be no change" - Keep up Allahs plan - Act in a manner that protects the communites 

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Muslim keywords on environment

Khalifah - A belief in life after death, when each person will be judged, and held accountable for their actions

Ummah - A deputy, a vice regent for Allah who acts on Allahs behalf to protect his creation

Tawhid - The islamic community, a brotherhood of believers, who protect each other and treat eachother with respect and equaity

Akhirah - The belief in one God who is omnipotent

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Infertility treatment

Articfial insemination - The husband/partners sperm is medically put in to the mothers womb 

IVF - An egg is taken from the mother and feritlised in a test tube with the sperm and then placed back in the womb

Egg donation - The husband/partners sperm is used to fertilise a donor egg in a test tube and then put in the womb

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Infertility treatment part 2

Embryo donation - Both sperm and eggs are provided by annoymus donor then placed in the womans womb

Surrogacy - Another woman will carry the baby full term either using the couples sperm and egg or that of a donor.

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Issues surrounding fertility treatment

- The couples realtionship may be put under pressure

-Causes problems if surrogate bonds with child

-Fertiltiy treatments are very expensive

-No gurantees that procedures will work, many attempts may be needed

-Should children know their biological parents

-Drugs have uncomfortable side effects

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Issues surrounding fertility treatment part 2

- Donor sperm/egg can cause conflict when boding with the child

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Attitudes to fertility treatment (Catholics)

The bible says - "Be fruitful and multiply"

-"only sex should be used to make a baby"

-Don't agree with any fertiltiy treatments

-Believe its part of God's plan

-"Every good and perfect gift is from abve"

-Masterbation is sinful so AI treatment is out

-Adoption is the only allowed alternative method

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Attitudes to fertility treatment (Christians CofE)

-Believe in doing the most loving thing (situaton ethics)

-Has to between wife & husband

-Jesus healed people

-Issac, Rebekah's husband prayed and God anwsered resulting in the birth of Jacob and Essau 

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Attitudes to fertility treatment (Muslim)

Haram = forbidden // Zina = Adultery 

-Allah is all knowing (1 of his 99 names)

-At 120 days Allah breaths life into foetus 

-Donars aren't allowed (Seen as Zina)

-In the Quran, muslims are encouraged to show compassion to orphans

-Allah will judged people on the compassion theyve shown 

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Attitudes to fertility treatment (Muslim)

Why might some muslims not accept fertiltiy treatment?

-Allah has a plan foreveryone 

-Islam denying a child from knowing its parents is wrong

-Donation is wrong and seen as Zina

-Not allowed adoption unless its in the family

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Attitudes to fertility treatment (Muslim)

Why might some muslims accept fertility treatment?

-Muslims are pro family. Creating loving muslim families is a good thing

-120 days so no issue with IVF 

-Allah has given us this medical knowledge to overcome infertility. Therefore part of his plan

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Attitudes to fertility treatment (Muslim)

IVF - Allow it because they believe Allah breathes life into the featus at 120 days

Surrogacy - Muslims believe that only the woman who gives birth can be the actual mother (against)

Artificial insemination - Allowed as long its the husbands sperm being used

Adoption - Usually within the family or else considered haram 

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Transplant surgery

The advantages of transplant surgery are that people and their loved ones have the opportunity to help others after their death becuase organs are used which would otherwise be wasted. Offers relief to those who recieve transplants and their loved ones


- It is an expensive and limited form of treatment

-How do you decide who recieves the treatment? The one whos waited longest or the youngest or the best match?

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Organ Donation

Organ donation is voluntary. One person's organs can give life to up to seven people.

Most organ donations come from dead donors, although liver, kidney and bone marrow transplants can vbe from a live donor. 

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Issues surrounding organ donation

-Who should get the donation as there aren't enough

-Family members may feel pressured into donating the organs of a loved one

-Should humans be using organs from animals?

-There are not enough donor organs for those requiring organs

-Raises questions to if the person is really dead?


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Attitudes to transplant surgery (Christian)

-Most Christians believe that transplant surgery should always be done in a responsible way and decsions about who should recieve organs should not be based on age, sex or social status


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Attitudes to transplant surgery (Christian)


-The body is not needed for heaven so raises no problems in after life

-Loving & Charitable act

-Grattitude to God for the gift of life

-Personal conscience

-Must be pronounced dead before donation

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Attitudes to transplant surgery (Christian)


-It goes against the sancity of life as people shouldn't "play" god

-Interferes with God's plan

-Wrong to replace part of God's plan

-Shouldn't be replaced if the person deliberaty caused harm to themselves Eg through alcohol 

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Attitudes to transplant surgery (Muslim)


-The Qur'an teaches that the body should be buried soon after death and shouldn't be interfered with

-Muslims believe the body will be resurrected on the last day and organs will therefore be needed. The case for live donations

-It goes against the sancity of life because only God should give and take life. 

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Attitudes to transplant surgery (Muslim)


-Some muslims argue that organ donation is okay becuasse its done to save the life of others and thats what Allah would wish

-Live donations are less controversial becuase people can survive with one kidney, for example. The ressurection would be un affected

-Would allow a living donor to close reletives 

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Attitudes to transplant surgery (Muslim)

In 1995, the muslim law council UK issued guidance on organ donation stating:

-The council supports organ transplants to save lives

-Muslims may carry donor cards

-In absence of donor card, the next of kin may give permission for the organs of a loved one to be used to save other people's lives.

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Artificial insemination - Injecting seemen into the uterus by artificial means

Conservation - Protecting and perserving natural resources and the environment

Creation - The act of creating the universe or the universe being created

Embryo - A fertilised egg in the first 8 weeks after conception

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Keywords 2

Enviroment - The surrondings in which plants and animals live on which they depend to live

Global warming - The increase in the temperature of the Earth's atmospher (Thought to be caused by the greenhouse effect)

Infertility - Not being able to have children

IVF - The method of fertilising a human egg in a test tube

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Keywords 3

Natural resources - Naturally occuring materials, such as oil and fertile land, which can be used by humans

Organ donation - Giving organs to be used in transplant surrgery 

Stewardship - Looking after something so it can be passed onto the next generation

Surrogacy - An arrangement whereby a woman bears a child on be half of another woman / where an egg is donated and fertilised IVF and implanted in the wifes uterus 

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