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International Summer Camp…read more

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2 Summer Camp--Children's festival in China
Features and Forms of Summer Special Curriculum Activity Accommodation and Service of
Curriculum and Activity Plan
Camp Demonstration Summer Camp
Experiencing Chinese and China Page 1…read more

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2 Features and Forms of Curriculum and Special Curriculum Accommodation and
Summer Camp Activity Plan Activity Demonstration Service
Features and Forms of Special Curriculum Activity Accommodation and
Curriculum and Activity Plan
Summer Camp Demonstration Service of Summer Camp
Experiencing Page 2
Chinese and China…read more

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2 Features and Forms of Curriculum and Special Curriculum
Accommodation and Service
Summer Camp Activity Plan Activity Demonstration
2014 International Summer Camp
Organizer: Dalian International About Dalian:
Language Training Institute Dalian is known as the northern pearl city of China, Its
Dalian International Language Training Institute is economic success owes much to its predominant
the most professional Chinese training institute in geopolitical position as a strategic trading port within easy
Dalian. They have been nominated as amongst the reach of South Korea and Japan. Dalian is also regarded as
top 10 Chinese Training Institutes in China. Their a romantic city akin to Paris, due to its beautiful scenery,
summer camp has run successfully for the last 6 unique architecture, green parks and cultural heritage. It
years offering study cycles ranging from 2-8 weeks. weaves its magic on so many foreigners who, after even a
They have a vivid teaching mode, interesting and short stay are reluctant to leave!
practical Chinese courses, valuable indoor/outdoor
activities, all of which ensure every child comes
away enriched and inspired by China, its language
and its culture.
The underlying philosophy is when children are
engaged in enjoyable activities they absorb so much
more of the language. While doing so they, of
course, make many new Chinese friends and the
whole experience of being together in China adds up
to a wonderful and unforgettable summer!
1 Summer Camp Introduction Page 3…read more

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2 Features and Forms of Curriculum and Special Curriculum Accommodation and
Summer Camp Activity Plan Activity Demonstration Service
Ch Bilingual Fully combining children's physical and
mental development characteristics, the
ine Teachers of summer camp can teach
se students in student's mother tongure,
Teaching Interesting Chinese course of summer camp will
make full use of audio-visual Chinese and
Su the student can communicate with Our Chinese learning summer Chinese animation Chinese class and so on to
teachers easily and understand camp mainly focus on learning make every child learn Chinese happily
Chinese meaning quickly. Chinese and experencing Chinese and finally fall in love with Chinese
Ca culture through the professional
Chinese lessons and combination of Special culture experiencing class
Every week, we will arrange Chinese culture experiencing
atu and extracurricular activities will
children to visit Dalian,
res activities, to make foreign children make children have an
experience the gorgeous coastal
learn Chinese knowledge more unforgettable journey in China, the
city, enjoy special scenery and
effectively. culure class include calligraphy,
ensure that they could have lots Strong paper-cutting
, tasting
of happy memories in China!
Dalian Chinese food, practising Chinese kungfu
Style and sightseeing, etc.
2 Smile Chinese Summer Camp Features Page 4…read more

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Basic Infomation Contents summary professional services safety management
c n
a si tio ts
B maTypeLearning Summer Camp n
te ary
fo n
In o
C mm 30 Chinese lessons
Cycle2 weeks14days13nights
su 10 Course of chinese culture practice
es al
ic n
rv sio
Age9--16 years old 5 Tourism practice
se fes
content includesstudy Three meals per day 2 teachers per class
accommodation tour Accommodation 24 hours monitoring
Web servies Air conditioning bus
Gift Three meals per day
Summer camp language ability certificate A double room accommodation
specific person in charge of safety
safety of kids first
e ty en
f m Safe is the most important work in Summer Camp, 8 years
sa age
m succesful experience,Please rest assured. Safe service: accident
insurance. medical workers. 24 hourssecurity monitoring. Each
accommodation with a teacher, regulatory health diet.
3 The content of the summer training camp on the service. Page 5…read more

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