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These cards are really COOL and help with my R.S. When a test comes up and you don't have your exercise book or nothing to help you then you can have a look at these :) They are easy to understand and there are revision cards for lots of different topics in R.S or other subjects.

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God as First Cause

Think about the world around you and all the things in it.

Can you think of anything which is not caused by something else? Anything that is totally independent?

Maybe you can't. It seems that everything relies on something else for its occurrence, its existence, its being. For example, a row of dominoes doesn't just fall over - it must have some force upon it before the whole chain of dominoes falls into a sequence. Usually someone pushes the first one.

We have a problem. We exist, and so does the world around us. We don't know of anything that can cause itself though, so how can anything exist now? It isn't logical.

If things happen because of other things causing them to happen, and if we want ti believe there was a beginning to the universe, we have to have something to start it all off. WHat was it?

There has to have been an uncaused cause, a first cause that did not rely on anything else. Some people would not call God that first cause.

You might say "Of course, it's the big bang theory! The Big Bang is the first cause." Funny though that we don't say "Ah yes, but what caused the Big Bang?" Think about it!

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