Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions - The Existence of God

GCSE Religious Philosophy and Ultimate Questions:-

The Existence of God

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The Existence of God - First Cause Argument

St Thomas Aquinas

Everything has an unknown cause; this unknown cause being God - supported by Genesis (1:1-3)

God caused the Universe and everything in it


Cannot be proved

Leaves unanswered questions as to what God did afterwards

If God is supposed to be benevolent, omniprescent, omnipotent then would he cause evil and suffering?

Atheist believe the Universe started by chance

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The Existence of God - Design Argument

William Paley

Look at a watch and see it's intricacy. Paley links this to the World, the World is too intricate so has to have been designed

Everything suited to environment e.g. polar bear with fur and fat for warmth

God is the designer who designed the Worl and everything in it


Darwin shows evolution of animals to suit environment

What did God do after? Unanswered questions

Penecillin was an accident - no design

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The Existence of God - Religious Experience


Strengthens faith/creates faith

God showing himself


Evidence not strong

Not seen by many people

Could be hallucinations/imagined

God picking favourites?

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The Existence of God - No God

Why might some people say there is no God?

No evidence

Science disproves God

Universe started by chance

Arguments leave unanswered questions

God picking and choosing favourites?

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