Religion and the Media (Christianity)

Quick notes on Religion and the Media, for the GSCE OCR course. 

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Different Forms of Media

Forms of media; 

Films, books, leaflets, CDs, DVDs, Television, Radio etc.


Media is mass communication, a medium used to communicate information to people.

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Influence of the Media

Some Christians are concerned with secular entertainment as they believe that it has a negative influence on impressionable young people that would copy what they see.

For example;

- Some films and television shows feature a lot of violence,

- the love expressed in popular music is a lustful, sex driven kind which trivialises relationships

- and dramatic situations are presented as 'real life' on reality shows and soaps which is all misleading. 

Some say that media can also badly affect family life, especially if they have their meals in front of the television instead of sharing them together and socialising. They miss out on the talking that is needed for healthy family life. 

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Influence of the Media continued...

The media shows us what is desirable and makes idols of people. 

Some Christians would say that this is against the second commandment;

"Thou shalt not worship false idols"

Some even refuse to own televisions as they feel they gain nothing but lose human interaction. 

Others would just choose what they watch and read carefully.

Parents would monitor what their children watch or read and supervise their internet use just as any parents would. 

While extremists would restrict their children from idolising celebrities the majority would rely on the church and education to prevent their children from being led astray. 

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Portrayal of Christianity

How Christians use it; 

Some churches use drama, music and dance to spread the word as they believe that Christianity is exciting and so should be represented in that way. 

Some even have radio stations, there are television channels devoted to scripture that are used to communicate the word of God to the masses. 

These Christians believe that Christianity should be tailored to the now, that traditional methods are outdated and media makes it relevant to life today.

Some films are seen as blasphemous and offensive to God, and for that many extremists and devotees have set up discussion websites to complain but others argue that it makes religion accessible and the "its just a story".

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Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Key Words;

Obscenity - material that will corrupt the public

Censorship - when an authority decides what people see or read

Freedom of speech - the right to say what you feel without being censored

Some Christians hold the belief that violence and sex is over exposed and thus should be censored. They worry that the public might become desensitized and see the issues as less serious. 

Bullying, victimisation, **** and sexual immorality is on the rise and some Christians blame this on the portrayal of violence and sex in the media. 

They believe that sex is a gift from God and should not be expoloted like it is in the media. 

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