Christianity and The Media

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Media has a constant balance between avoiding using material that may cause offence to anyone and allowing freedom of speech- a basic human right
Christianity also makes useof the media and is used to educate non christians and christians

Religious Figures In The Media
Pope Benedict

Media showed disagreement within the Church of England against women bishops and homosexual ministers. Media presents a complex view of the Christian Church.
The churches are divided over matters of faith and belief.

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Christianity on Tv

Christianity on Tv
Christianity is represented in soaps, comedy and entertainment.
Example; The Vicar of Dibley which confronted many stereotypes.
Example; Simpsons, Flanders is portrayed as boring, naive however has good morals
Example; Dot from Eastenders- regularly quotes bible passages
Danger with all these representations is they may portray an image of Christianity that may not be entirely accurate

Songs of Praise
- Raises awareness of christianity believe and practice
- hymns are sung from the bbc

Important Religious Figures in the Media
- The queen (Speech on Christmas Day)
- Arch Bishop of Cantenbury
- Pope
- Tony Blaire

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Responses and attitudes towards the media

1. Passion of Christ, violent but it can strenght faith as viewers understand what Jesus went through to sacrafice our sins
2. The Cockney Bible
3. The Da Vinci Code, claimed Jesus had relationship with Mary Magdalene (against the bible) Many christians though it mispepresented Christianity however some agree challanges to faith can help strengthen faith

4. Bruce Almighty, shows how God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Bruce starts off as selfish but after Gods interaction changes for the better. The message of the film was God wants humans to help and care for eachother.

Most Christians believe that anything that encourages more people to read the bible is a good thing e.g. Comic books of the bible for the younger generation

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The way Christianity uses the media

Why Christians use the media
-They believe they have to promote their religion due to the command of Jesus in the Great Commison "Go make disciples of all nations"
-Many Christians also believe that Christianity is an exclusive religion therefore they believe that the process of saving people who are not Christians is even more important
-Christians feel they need to educate others

How Christians use the media
1.Songs of praise
2.The God Channel/The Gospel Channel/ Faith
The aim of the Christian channels is to encourage people who are not christians to be convinced of the truth of Christiainity and convert people which will fulfil Jesus Great Commission

The internet also has numerous sites devoted to Christianity

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Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Censorship is when a goverment or authority looks at and decides to change print or to not allow some media to be broadcasted because it is consired to be harmful or sensitive or objectionable in some way

Attitudes and responses to issue raised with Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Speech is being able to speak freely without censorship or fear of punishment
These rights allow Christian beliefs to be challanged and critisized. Christians may feel freedom of speech has been allowed to go to far and that the mockery of their faith is unacceptable.

Golden Compass caused large scale Christian protests in America because it contained many subtly suggested challanges to Cathaloicsm

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Sex and Violence

Beliefs and attitudes towards Sex and Violence portrayed in the Media
-The use of sex and violence in programmes/films is often contrary to Christian teachings
-Sex is often glamorised in music videos, magazines, Tv programmes
-Values such as waiting to have sex til marriage are no longer the norm
-Sopranos promotes gangsta lifestyles (Film)

Some Christians believe programmes that show violence and sex are evil and directly oppose to the will of God therefore unnacceptable.
Other Christians would say that life has lots of X-rated factors and we should not run away from it but engage as they believe they from a important part of certain stories

Parable of the Good Samaraitan contains violence however its message about loving other people is inspiring.
Passion of Christ is seen as very violent and some Christians say it is too explicit. However the torture shown in the film shows what Jesus did for us in order for us to be forgiven.

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Media- means of mass of communication
The Great Comission- Jesus command for all Christians "go in to all the world and preach the good news to all creation"

Censorship- the practice of supressing parts of the media that are considered obscene or unsuitable for publication
Propaganda- spreading of information to delieberately further a cause or damage an opposing cause
Evangelise- preach Christianity with the intention to convert someone
Pope- The Head of the Roman Catholic Church
Secular- Wordly things and attiudes which are not regarded as holy
Watershed- Violence and sex cant be shown before 9pm
Blasphemy- The broadcasting or publication of material that speaks badly of God and Jesus

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