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RS Religion and the Media

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RS Religion and the Media (Negative effects of the


Media is mass communication, a medium used to communicate information to people.

Some christians believe that media influences young people negatively,for example;

  • Tv and films feature a lot of violent
  • Some love is expressed as purely sex driven and lustful.
  • Dramatic situations in soaps are misleading
  • They are called 'one-eyed idols' that demand a lot of attention

What to do?

1) Abstein from TV altogether.

2) Parents may monitor, or cencor the media thier children are exposed to.

3) Media makes us idolise,in the bible it says "Thou shall not worship idols"  so some christians believe that they can take advise from the Bible,church,and thier conscience to solve this problem.

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RS Religion and the Media (Positive effects of the

How media can be positive to Christians;

Some Christians believe that media such as drama,music,dance can be the ideal way to spread Christianity in a positive way.

  •  Radio Stations and Television channel are used to communicate the word of God to the masses. 

These Christians believe that Christianity should be tailored to now, they believe that traditional methods are outdated.

Some films are seen as blasphemous and offensive to God,  many extremists and  have so complained but others argue that it makes religion accessible and the "its just a story".

Obscenity - material that will corrupt the public

Censorship - when an authority decides what people see or read

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