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  • artificial insemination - injecting sperm directly into a women's womb
  • celibacy - never getting married or having sex e.g a nun
  • cloning - creating children genetically identical to one parent
  • euthanasia - ending someone's life to relieve them from suffering
  • usury - charging high rates of interest on a loan
  • santity of life a belief that all human life is sacred or holy
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Christian Views

  • Marriage - its the joining of man and women in holy matrimony
  • its a lige long union , a contract involving commitment and responsibilty
  • Roles of men & women - wives submit to their husbands , women are treated equally and men and women should have equal roles in the family
  • Divorce - breaks the promises made before god so its seen as a tragedy
  • roman catholics say marriage is a sacrament but can be anulled (this means it was never a real marriage in the first place)
  • jesus said in the gospels he was anti-divorce but pro-forgiveness
  • Contraception - its a responsible way to plan a family and should be a matter of individual conscience
  • roman catholics so artificial contraception is a grave sin and prevention conception is against the natural law
  • Abortion - its undesirable but permissible in certain circumstances
  • Euthanasia - refered to as mercy killing and they believe "your body is a temple of the holy spirit"
  • Animals in medical research - animals were created for the use of mankind so for finding cure's but not for vanity
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Christian Views 2

  • Wealth , poverty & disease - wealth is not bad but the love of wealth is , christian aid helps the sick and starving
  • Money and charity - earn money in moral ways , disagree with usury
  • taught to love thy neighbour
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