R.E christian ethics

christian ethics - key words on:

  • responsability for the planet
  • war, peace and human rights
  • prejudice and equality
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responsibility for the planet

Key Words:

Big Bang the Theory: the scientific theory that the universe came into being as a result of a cosmic explosion

Creationists: Christians who believe that the creation of the universe happened in exactly the was genesis described it.

Darwinism: the theory Charles Darwin put forward for evolution.

Environmental issues: a concern for the was humans exploit natural resources.

Evolution: the way in which animals and plants adapt to their surroundings- the survival of the fittest.

Intelligent Design Theory: the idea that the complexity of life on earth and the fact that conditions on earth are just right for life prove that it must have had a designer.

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responsibility for the planet

Natural Selection: the way animals and plants and plants adapt to life of die out.

pollution: destruction of the natural world by human activity 

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