Human Relationships

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The roles of men and women within a Christian fami

Parts of the bible say that women should stay at home as wives and mothers

Other parts say that men and womn are equal

Jesus treated women equally as he had women followers

Many churches have women priests demonstrating equal roles for men and women

The Roman Catholic church says that there can only be male priests but they do say men and women have equal roles

Some Christians will not give equal roles to men and women as the Bible refers to them not being able to speak in church

The Bible teaches that God made woman to be a mate for man. It also teaches that wives should obey their husbands - and husbands should not love their wives.

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Marriage and Ceremonies...

Marriage is when two beme one flesh (bible reference) and Christians see it as a gift from God.

The service is take place in front of God (Church) when they are reminded of Gods blessing. Family, Community and God are there to witness the importances of the union.

The white dress symbolises purity. The ring symbolises eternal commitment.

During the service the priest explains that marriage is a way of life and it should be an honour- couples should be serious and given it alot of thought.

Christians believe that marriage is a permanent, exclusive, sexual partnership of loving, mutal care and shared responsibilty in the hope of having children and bringing up a family.

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Belief about the Ethics of Divorce

If Christians were having difficulties in marriage they would think about their vows and seek advice from other Christians, go counselling or a minister.

Divorce in the old testament was considered acceptable. Jesus updated this and said two become one flesh and also said anyone who divorces commits adultery."do not commint adultery"- 10 commandments

Some Chrisitans believe that the only time to divorce is when couples are unfaithfull. But some apply Christian teachings on forgiveness and mercy when considering divorce and remarriage.

The Roman Catholic Church does not accpet divorce. They allow re-marriage is they say the person wasnt in the right mind- or if circumstances were really real.

People who have an annulment can remarry as it is as if they are marrying for the first time.

The Church of England accpets divorce- A divorcee can get remarried in a church under certain circumstances.

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