Question Types for ICT Paper1

Explanation of what each mark needs Paper 1 ICT. For the questions with 5 or more marks to full mark scheme for the example questions are available on OCRs site. The year is given next to the questions for these. I will explain how each mark is gained for these questions though.

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1 Mark- Type 1

Type 1- Simple Definition

Q. What is meant by a homepage? [1] -May 2004

A. Main/front/first/default/index page of the site.

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1 Mark- Type 2

Type 2- One way which...

Q. State one way a user can make sure a page shown by the browser is up-to-date.

A. One from:

Refresh/reload page

Browser set to find latest version

Date at bottom of page.

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1 Mark- Type 3

Type 3- Similar to type 1; What is ____ for?

Q. What is the purpose of a username?

A. Identify a user to the system

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2 marks- Type 1

Type 1- Give two ways/purposes/reasons/advatages/disadvantage/etc of/for _____

Q. Give two ways the user could move to a different webpage.


  • Click on button on page
  • Click on link in browser
  • Hyperlink
  • Search Engine
  • Type in URL

1 mark per reason

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2 Marks- Type 2

Type 2- What factors should be considered when _____

Q. What factors should be considered when purchasing a monitor and chair in order to reduce health problems?

A. Monitor

  • Antiglare/screen filter
  • Refresh rate/anti flicker
  • Resolution
  • Screen Size


  • Amount of wheels (four+)
  • Adjustable Positioning
  • Support

1 Mark for each item

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3 Marks- Type 1

Type 1- Give three ways in which.................................

Q. A company has a database of all it's computer hardware. Give three ways this database could be used.


  • Storing details of comp hardware(H/W)
  • Searching/querying for a purpose
  • Sorting H/W data
  • Updating/reordering stock
  • Maintenence Schedule

1 mark for each reason, up to three marks

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3 Marks- Type 2

Type 2-  Explain why_________

Q. Explain why she has chose CD-ROMs to store her short music videos.


  • CD-ROMs are cheaper (than DVDs) to distribute
  • More durable (than floppy disks)
  • CD-ROMs are read only
  • File are less likely to be damaged/lost/corrupted
  • The files would be too big to email
  • Most companies/households can play CD's

1 Mark- list of 2+ with no explanation

2 Marks- One Explanation of a point

3 Marks- Two+ Explanations

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4 Marks- Type 1

Type 1- Name two________ and explain how it is used.

Q. Name two sensors that can be used to detect and obstacle and describe how each sensor is used.

A. Pressure- Switch on front to detect obstacle

    Light/infared- Optical sensor to detect distance from object by relected light/beam

    Sound- Reflected sound from obstacle

1 Mark = 1 sensor or 1 explanation with no sensor

2 Marks = 2 sensors or 1 sensor with 1 explanation

3 Marks = 2 sensors and 1 explanations

4 Marks = 2 sensors and 2 explanations                                                                     All explanations must be related to sensor unless none given

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4 Marks- Type 2

Type 2- Discuss________

Q. Discuss methods to obtain images to use in a presentation.

  • A. Digital Camera
  • directly in digital format
  • Drawings
  • For ilustrations
  • Scanning inorignal phtos/images
  • To put into digtal format
  • Using a computer package
  • To edit images
  • Video/web camera
  • To take moving images, then get a freeze frame
  • The internet/clipart
  • Pre-prepared images

1 mark for a point with no expansion. 2 marks for 2 points/1 point with expansion. 3 marks for 2 points+1 expansion. 4 marks for 2 ponts and 2 expansions

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4 Marks- Type 3

Type 3- Explain when the following____________________

Q. Explain when each of the following is the most suitable method of obtaining information.

Scanner                                                                                                            Digital Camera                                                                                                 Clipart                                   Painting Package

A. Relevant points for each type (full makr scheme available on OCR's site. May 03

Up to 1 mark for each item with a point

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5 Marks

Will normally require a list of points or items. Possibly will require a discussion like in 4 marks Type 2. In this case, the four marks are reached as in the 4 marker and the fifth mark reached by a further expansion.

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6 Marks- Type 1

Other than questions similar to four marks type 1 and 3, there are usually only two types of 6 marker.

Type 1- Discuss/Describe ___________________

Q. Describe how the use of the system [computerised canteen system] is likely to affect canteen staff and students. [May 04]

1Marks= 1 point +0expansions

2Marks= 2 points +0expansions, or 1 point+1expansion

3Marks= At least 2 points +1expansion

4Marks=At least 2 points +2expansions

5Marks=At least 3 points +2expansions

6Marks=At least 3 points +3expansions

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6 Marks- Type 2

Type 2- Explain the advantages and disadvatages of_____________

Q. Explan the adv and disadv of purchasing goods this way.[Using a credit card and purchasing goods over the internet] [May 04]

For these you need to try to explain 3 advatages and 3 disadvatages. However, you are able to get full marks with a 4:2 split. This means you can have 4 of one and 2 of the other. You won't be able to get full marks with all advatages or all disadvatages. Again, full marks can't be gained with 5 of one and 1 of the other. Aim for 3 of each, but is not go for 4 and 2. From experience it is also wise, if you have the time to have more than 3 of each. That way if one is wrong you have a backup. The next card is my full makr answer.

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6 Marks- Type 2 model answer

The advantages are: that it is qucker than paying by cheque or cash through the post. The item can't be delivered until payment is recieved so instant payment is good. It is also safer in that you don't have to carry cash to a shop, or to a post box which makes you a mugging target. Online store have the advantage of being open 24/7 unlike physical stores. This means they are convinient.

However, there are phising scams on the internet out to get your credit card details. If they get these details then they can buy items with your card. Being that this happens online means that it can take a while for them to be caught. By purchasing online there is the issue of not seeing the items before you buy. This can lead to you having to send products back that aren't what you expected. Unlike a physical store you have to wait for delivery and this sometimes costs extra.

I have three detailed advantages: quicker, safer, convinience. I have three detailed diadvantages and if the marks would allow I actually have four or five points due to my expansions going into multiple points of the mark scheme. By being detailed and expanding the points enures the examiner nows exactly what you mean and therefore will be able to give you the marks. Paragraphing helps with clarity.

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7 Marks

Type 1- Describe/compare methods of____________

Q. You are producing a school magazine using a desktop publishing package. Compare alternative methods used to collect pictures for inclusion in the magazine. [Specimen Paper 02]

You can get some marks- up to 2 for describing in detail one method of obtaining images, such as clipart. But for some years only 1 mark has been available for 1 method. To get up to four marks you need to describe two methods in detail of obtaing images. They must be in detail otherwise only 2/3 marks can be gained. 5 marks is for comparing two methods where at least one is very detailed. 6 marks is for either comparing 3 methods in some detail or 2 methods in good detail. The full 7 makrs are available for a comparison of three methods in good detail. The mark scheme for this question only shows three methods, so the examiners will be looking for almost their whole mark scheme to appear in your answer for this question.

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8 Marks

This is the big one! Recently most papers have had one of these, usually at the end. They normally appear as a question of their own, as opposed to being part of another question. It is better to give more points than needed on this question.

Q. "The Internet is an excellent source of information for teachers and students in schools." Discuss this statement.

You should start your answer by essentially expressing the statement in your own words. For example: The internet has a wide range of information available to students and teachers.

Then you need to give up to around 3 points which agree with the statement. These points need to fully developed and you should try to use as many technical terms as possible. It is important to note, though, that it is better to not use a technical term than to use it wrong. For example it's better to say: 'Information can put into a word document or presentation' than it is to say 'Information can be cut from an URL and uploaded to a word processor.' Although the terms cut, URL and uploaded are used they are all used wrong. This will prevent you from getting more than 5 marks. This continues on the next card...

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8 Marks continued

After the supporting points you need to show up to around 3 opposing points. Mention things like security and plagiarism issues. If you can get legal issue involved to as this shows a deeper understanding of the internet. The opposing points the mark scheme is looking for are a mix of security, accuracy, and suitability, along with a few miscellaneous points. When you make a point make sure you expand on it otherwise you can't get the credit for it unless it's your only point- in which case you may get 1 mark for the whole question.

After you have your fully developed pros and cons you should now write a conclusion. The conclusion should sum up what you have said and also state what your take on the matter is. A good conclusion for this question could be:            The internet may have a wide variety of information and is quick and easy to access, but it still has its shortcomings- it has big security problems and there is a danger of it affecting the users computer and network. I think that the internet is a very useful tool, but only if used responsibly and not as the sole source of information. 

The mark scheme states that for full marks there should be 4 strong points with 4 good explanations/expansions and a reasoned conclusion.

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