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System Life Cycle
GCSE Information and
Communication Technology
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· The main parts of the System Life Cycle are
followed for coursework Project 2
· This presentation concentrates on what knowledge
is needed for the examination
· The System Life Cycle sets out the stages of ICT
- From identifying a problem that needs to be solved
- To introducing and evaluating the solution
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System Analyst
· System Analysts play an important role
- Look at the need for ICT systems
- Gather information from a number of sources
- Make recommendations
- Design, create, test and evaluate the system
· The cycle never ends ­ it just continues
- A system will eventually need to be replaced, so the cycle
begins again...
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System Life Cycle - Diagram
(Fact finding)
Project Feasibility
Identification Study
And Evaluation Analysis
Implementation Design
and Testing
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Project Identification
· This is the first stage of the System Life Cycle
· A problem is identified that needs to be solved
using ICT
- Improving an existing ICT system
- Replacing a manual system with an ICT system
- Improving a system which is a mixture of both
· Research needs to be made into what is happening
at the moment
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Fact Finding - Methods
· There are four fact finding methods
- Questionnaires
- Observations
- Interviews
- Collecting documents
· Information collected from fact finding can help the
System Analyst understand the problem
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