Practice Questions For Computer Hardware

These are ICT notes from my ICT teacher. GOD BLESS HER!! Thanks to her, i might actually pass GCSE ICT :P:P:P hope these help. i was feeling nice

These are only practice questions, btw, but has a really useful website. :)

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Computer Hardware

You need to revise all the work you did on computer hardware in year 10. You also need to know about the different
types of computers. Use to find out about super computers, mainframes, PCs (personal computers,
desktop computers), laptops (notebooks), PDAs (personal digital assistants, palmtops). The…

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a) Give two benefits of taking & sending pictures using a mobile phone. [2]
b) Give two problems that may arise from using a mobile phone to take pictures. [2]
18) A supermarket uses Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to accept payment.
a) At the checkout, a customer uses a bank…


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