Practice Questions For Computer Hardware

These are ICT notes from my ICT teacher. GOD BLESS HER!! Thanks to her, i might actually pass GCSE ICT :P:P:P hope these help. i was feeling nice

These are only practice questions, btw, but has a really useful website. :)

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Computer Hardware
You need to revise all the work you did on computer hardware in year 10. You also need to know about the different
types of computers. Use to find out about super computers, mainframes, PCs (personal computers,
desktop computers), laptops (notebooks), PDAs (personal digital assistants, palmtops). The URL is:
Here are some related past paper questions to try:
1) Identify 2 features of laptop computers that make them portable & light. [2]
2) An archive contains thousands of paper documents. These documents are going to be scanned for electronic
storage. The documents could be stored on CD-Rs or a hard disk.
a) Give one advantage of CD-Rs. [1]
b) Give one advantage of hard disks. [1]
3) Supermarkets use computers. Give two devices that can be used to enter food prices into the point-of-sale
(POS) terminals. [2]
4) Shaun, a web site developer, is going to buy a desktop computer. Identify three features of the technical
specification that Shaun needs to consider and give a reason for each. [6]
5) A user selects a computer file but cannot open it. Give two reasons why this might happen. [2]
6) A school provides laptop computers for students to borrow and use at home. Describe two ways that this would
benefit the students' work. [2]
7) A salesperson at an exhibition will be giving a multimedia presentation to a large group of people using a laptop
computer. State two extra devices that may be needed for the presentation. Give a reason for each. [4]
8) Thieves often steal credit cards. Give two methods used to limit the use of stolen cards. [2]
9) John is doing his GCSE coursework on the school network. He would like to continue this work on his computer at
home. Discuss ways he could arrange to do this. [6]
10) A computer based task is to be given to a group of students. One of the students is visually impaired. Explain
two different adaptations that could be made to the computer system to enable this student to perform well in
the task. [4]
11) A journalist has a desktop computer and a palmtop computer.
a) Give three advantages of the palmtop. [3]
b) In the office she types reports and presents them as multimedia presentations. Give two features of the
desktop computer that make it more suitable than the palmtop computer for these tasks. [2]
12) Most supermarkets have Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals which use bar code readers to input data. These produce
itemised bills for customers.
a) Give two advantages to the customer of receiving an itemised bill. [2]
b) Give two advantages to the supermarket of giving the customer an itemised bill. [2]
c) Explain how an automatic stock control system linked to the POS terminals would work. [5]
13) A Training Officer is to give a multi-media presentation. She has a laptop computer with a fast processor,
graphics card and the appropriate software already installed. Describe the use of two extra items of hardware
she might use for developing and displaying the presentation. [4]
14) An aid organisation wishes to keep in touch with its representatives throughout the world. As each of its
representatives already has access to a computer they have decided to investigate the use of video
a) State two additional items of hardware the representatives will need for video conferencing. [2]
b) i) Give two advantages to the organisation of using video conferencing in this situation. [2]
ii) Give two disadvantages to the aid worker of using video conferencing in this situation. [2]
15) A small shop uses ICT.
a) Explain how ICT can be used for buying and paying for goods in the shop. [4]
b) Explain how ICT could be used by the shopkeeper to keep track of his stock. [4]
16) A car park has a barrier at the entrance. To raise the barrier to gain entry to the car park, a car driver enters a
code which is checked by a computer system.
a) i) Give two suitable methods of inputting the code at the barrier to gain entry to the car park [2]
ii) Give one advantage of this method of inputting the code. [1]
b) The car park has limited spaces. Describe how a computer system could be used to count the number of
available spaces in the car park. [3]
17) The use of mobile phones to take & send digital pictures is now common.

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Give two benefits of taking & sending pictures using a mobile phone. [2]
b) Give two problems that may arise from using a mobile phone to take pictures. [2]
18) A supermarket uses Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to accept payment.
a) At the checkout, a customer uses a bank card to pay for goods. Describe the steps that occur after the card
is handed to the cashier.…read more


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