Topics On Past ICT Papers

These are ICT from my teacher. GOD BLESS HER!! Thanks to her i might have passed ICT!!

This is so you can spot any patterns and so maybe can predict what examiners might put on the papers, ie, (THESE ARE EXAMPLES, NOT REAL) the system lifecycle may have come up every year, and so you'd know to revise that, or operating systems havent come up in a while, you'd know to revise that as well :)

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ICT GCSE Past Paper Questions
Below is a list of the main topics that there were questions on previous years' exam papers.
Paper 1 Paper 2
May/June Control software program instructions Networks
2003 Validation & verification Internet shopping
Computer modelling (in aircraft design) Control (swimming pool temperature)
Storage devices Use…

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Computer monitoring of experiment - Storage devices & backup copies
advantages Data security - encryption
Spreadsheets - formula & making a chart Data capture forms (questionnaires)
Databases Overseas call centres
Verification Data Protection Act
Computer monitoring - sensors, data security, Expert systems
analogue digital data Transferring data from school network…

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Effect of ICT on crime
Jan 2007 Hacking Parallel running
Viruses Mail merge
Databases Data Protection Act
Validation System lifecycle - user documentation
Email & attachments Data capture forms
Passwords Validation
Computer monitoring of swimming pool - User interfaces
analogue & digital data, disadvantages, using Internet & ISPs (Internet Service…

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Using ICT to work from home - advantages & Control feedback loop
disadvantages Hardware & software for disabled people
Computer controlled devices in the home On-line processing
Computer models - advantages & Expert system
disadvantages Data Protection Act
Buying & selling on internet - advantages & Computer Misuse Act


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