Demography Summary

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  • Demography
    • Definition: 'scientific study of population structure and change' (Hinde, 1998)
    • Shows the size of population
    • Shows composition of population
    • Shows social trends and life events
    • Why is it important?
      • Planning and policy
        • children: schools and education
        • social insurance, healthcare and welfare systems
        • composition of families: housing and benefits
      • Importance for us: life expectancy, buying a house, retirement and pensions
    • Ways that policy can influence demography
      • policy has improved birth and death rates
      • sanitization and midwives
      • NHS
      • Maternity leave
      • Immigration policy
      • Welfare state
    • Sources of data
      • population censuses
      • birth/death/marriage certificates
      • surveys
    • Reasons for change
      • urbanisation/ industrialisation
      • better healthcare
      • better nutrition


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