Practical Investigations- Activity D

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Evaluation of Activity D

A strength and weakness ofa correlation method- A correlation shows the direction and the extent of the 2 variables. It is useful because if we know the relationship between the tow variables we can change, it doesn't show why there is a relation and doesn't show cause and effect.

How the variables could have been measured differently- 1- have categories of how much you work (a scale), 2- Everybody would fill in a log sheet of how much homeworkl they do in a week.

How would the alternatives affect the results?- 1- Results less valid, individual differences (some see a lot as more), 2- Result5s more reliable because the hours spent on homework would not be an estimate.

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Evaluation of Activity D

Two further improvements- A larger sample would improve the correlation. (Say how many), issuing questionnaires to participants.

How the improvements will effect the results- This would make the results more REPRESENTATIVE and would also make the results more reliable and give more results, Filler questions would be included to disguise the aim to prevent demand characteristics and increase validity.

Which sampling method did you use?- Oppertunity sample of people available of people available in the AS psychology class at the time.

Strenghts and weaknesses of the sampling method- Quick, easy and convenient, not represenatative of the population.

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