AQA Psychology Unit 1 Biological Approach 1

The biological approach, influence of genes, strenths and limitations of approach, evolution and research methods for behaviour

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  • Biological Approach 1
    • Strengths
      • Scientific
        • Uses experimental methods
          • Gives good objective evidence
      • Strong argument for nature side of nature/nurture debate
      • Lots of practical applications
        • Can give treatment knowing the biology of disorders
    • Limitations
      • Reductionist
        • Reduces all human behaviour to physical processes
        • Over simplistic
          • Can't explain consciousness and self awareness
      • Ignores influence of environment
      • Deterministic
        • Ignores individuals' thoughts and feelings
          • Behaviour is due to your biological makeup
    • Evolution of behaviour
      • Change of characteristics and makeup of a population over successive generations
      • our nervous system is the product of evolution
        • It is likely evolution has influenced out behaviour
      • All animals are related meaning all brains and CNSs are related
      • Brain and behaviour have been gradually built up through evolution, from simple to complex
      • Ways to investigate
        • Family study
        • Twin study
        • Adoption study
    • Genotype
      • a person's genetic makeup
    • Phenotype
      • The expression of the genetic makeup - their physical appearance
    • Influence of genes
      • Genetic information is passed on to the next generation through genes
        • development of the brain is passed on through genetic information
          • this can change how people behave
    • Explaining human behaviour
      • Different areas of the brain are responsible for different types of thinking and behaviour
      • Genetic influences particular types of behaviour
        • E.G. schizophrenia (a psychological disorder) causes hallucinations and is said to be a malfunction of the nervous system because of a faulty gene
      • Chemical processes - hormones and neurotransmitters
        • Over-activity and under activity of these can result in changes in feelings and behaviour
  • Reduces all human behaviour to physical processes


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