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Key Points
Key Points about Memory Improvement
· The Role of
Organisation Strategies.
· Chunking · Memory theories can be used to help us
· Encoding and improve our memories.
retrieval · Organisation is a key factor in using out
strategies memories effectively.
· Active · Several techniques have been devised for
Processing improving memory.
· The role of · Understanding plays a key part in accurate
attention and memory recall. It allows us to use our
practice previous knowledge and experience.
· Effective retrieval of stored memories can
depend on how they were encoded in the
· Active processing seems more effective
than rote learning.…read more

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Key Points
The Role of Organisation
· The Role of
Organisation · Key factor in memory improvement
· Chunking Mnemonics based on visual imagery
· Encoding and · Several different strategies
retrieval · Same basic principle of organisation
· The role of E.g. The Peg-word System
attention and 1. Learn the basic organisational structure (or
practice "pegs"):
One is a bun Six are sticks
Two is a Shoe Seven is heaven
Three is a tree Eight is a gate
Four is a door Nine is a line
Five is a hive Ten is a hen…read more

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Key Points
2. Form a mental image linking the words you
· The Role of
want to remember and the original structure.
· Chunking
· Encoding and
· Active
· The role of
attention and
practice…read more

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Key Points
Method of Loci
· The Role of
Organisation · Similar method
· Chunking · Memory "pegs" are places not rhymes.
· Encoding and · E.g.:
retrieval 1. Imagine a familiar route or journey you
strategies take often and choose key objects or
· Active locations along the way, for example a post
Processing box or a bus stop.
· The role of 2. Create a link between the objects/locations
attention and and make a mental image:
practice…read more

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Key Points 3. Retrieval ­ revisit the landmarks and the
· The Role of associated word will be there too.
· Chunking Paivio (1965) ­ Concrete nouns are easier to
· Encoding and remember than abstract words.
retrieval Explanation: THE DUAL CODING PROCESS:
strategies · Concrete nouns are
· Active encoded verbally
Processing and visually.
· The role of
attention and · Understanding is also linked to retrieval.
practice · Bransford and Johnson gave people a
passage to read about "Doing the laundry".
· Half participants were told the title, other
half told nothing.
· Participants who were told recalled better.
· This is due to Schemas.…read more

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