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Relative Poverty

  • Poverty is a useful idea to sociologists as it draws attention to the great material inequality in our society and to the difference between the lifestyles of its richer and poorer members
  • Relative poverty recognises the deprivation and suffering associated with social exclusion
  • Members of society have social needs and being unable to do and have those things constitute a 'normal' life is a source of deprivation
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Environmental Poverty

  • Sociologists have drawn the significance of the quality of the environment for people's sense of well being
  • All but the housebound spend time in public spaces, meeting friends, taking children to the playground, shopping etc
  • Environmental poverty suggests public spaces that are ugly, inconvenient and unsafe
  • Many poor people suffer the discomfort of living in neighbourhoods with such characteristics
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Subjective Poverty

  • Whether an individual feels deprived doesn't depend simply on there level of income
  • People compare their situation with that of others
  • Despite being 'well off' an person can feel deprived if they identifies with a group, most of whom are even better off
  • A poor person may not feel deprived when looking at a photo of their parents who were even poorer
  • Sociologist recognise this a relative deprivation
  • The ways in which poor view their poverty is complex
  • An individual may or may not believe there poverty is deserved, may or may not be angry about the poverty and may or may not try to escape it
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