Politics Of World War 1


Formation Of The Wartime Coalition

The Silent Dictatorship

The Formation of the Wartime coalition took a long time to develop and to incorporate and manipulate the Democracy of Britain.

It began with Asquith becoming a largely frowned upon leader and signs of corruption leaking out into the public. Meanwhile David Lloyd George was manipulating the public eye to change the perception everyone had on Asquith as a leader.

David lloyd George created a war cabinet from his position as War and Munitions Secretary. This cabinet was developed and excluded Asquith from it which he was not happy about at all.

This lead Asquith's position as prime minister to becoming increasingly unimportant and as such eventually he resigned and Lloyd George was instated as an emergency prime minister.

David Lloyd George while technically a New Liberal he was primarily working alongside the conservatives in the government and held this silent dictatorship within the country.

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