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World War I Aftermath
A summary of the outcomes and
effects that World War One
presented.…read more

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Economic Effect
· The cost of the war was about £3.5million per
day this was financed by:
­ Raising national debt,
­ Raising taxes,
­ Sale of War Bonds,
­ Holding of gold for the Government.
· Overseas markets were damaged and much was
lost to Japan and the US.
· The economy slumped, by 1928 exports were
only at 84% of those in 1913.…read more

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Social Effect
· 722,785 (11.8%) of serving men died.
· Life expectance increased due to
improvements within the medical
· War accelerated maternity care, health
standards, spending on children's meals
and medical knowledge.…read more

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Political Effect
· The First World War accelerated the already
existing political trends :
­ Damage to the Liberal Party,
­ Popularity to the Labour Party & Unions
­ Enfranchisement of women
­ Growth of the State's power.…read more


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