Causes of the February Revolution 1917

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  • Causes of the February Revolution 1917.
    • The First World War.
      • Defeats at Tannenburg and Masurian Lakes 1914.
      • Ammunition Shortages.
      • Nearly 4 million, dead, wounded, captured or missing after the first year.
    • Actions of the Tsar.
      • Complete autocracy, would not allow thw Duma to take control.
      • Made himself commander-in-chief of the armed forces.
      • Decision to join the war. Great military programme not to be complete until 1917.
    • Russia.
      • Peasant farmers conscripted, farming was left to women and the elderly.
      • Shortage of food. Grain hoarding by peasants.
      • Wages risen by 200% but food rose by 400%
      • Railway network collapsed.
      • Petrograd and Moscow only getting 1/3 of their food requirements.
    • Economic Factors.
      • Government relied on imports.
      • Fuel shortages.
      • Inflation, the governement was printing more money than it's reserves could support.
    • The Tsarina and Rasputin.
      • Frequent changing of ministers. "Ministerial leap frog." Between 1915-1917   -4 Prime Ministers,    -3 Ministers of War.
      • Politically inept. "A will of iron linked to not much brain."
    • Political Impact.
      • WICs - War Industry Committes -  Committees of representatives of both employers and workers to help sort out supply problems in the economy during the war.
      • Zemgor - A body made up of representatives from town councils and zemstovs to help co-ordinate tasks useful to the war effort.


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