Plant survival/Support


Specific Heat Capacity

Amount energy to raise temp H2O (temp meas in kinetic energy)

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Latent Heat

Mol liq to gas.

Cools surf where molecules evaporate.

(Cohesion= Attracts dissimilar mol)

(Adhesion= Forms droplet)

^ these and surf tension give rise to capillarity.

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H2O Potential

Effects of osmosis and physical pressure.

H2O potential= determines direction (meas in MPa)

Conc/press and gravity contribute^

Chem potential= measure free energy(potential for performing work)

H2O moves from high to low chem poten.

Solute molecules attach to H2O.

(H2O in xylems dead cells under - pressure)

(Live cells under + pressure/turgor pressure)

Turgid cells push against each other/stiffened tiss/+ turgor for cell growth.

Root hairs= inc surf for absorption H2O and min.

H20/Nut flow

Apoplastic route= Cell wall/intercell space.

Symplastic= Connected by plasmodesmata.

Transpirational Pull= - press (tension) transmitted down stem/pulls H2O from rotts into leaf.

H2O raises through xylem (cohesion/adhesion/transpiration)

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Phloem Sap

Rich in sugar.

Requires active transport.

Transports photosynth products (between source and sink)

Sources= leaves

Sinks= roots/tubers

  • Load sugar
  • Uptake H2O
  • Unload sugar
  • Recycle H2O
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