5.Cells: The Working Units Of Life

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  • What is the cell theory?

    • Cell theory is an important unifying principle of biology
    • There are 3 components of the cell theory
      • Cells are the fundamental units of life
      • All living organisms are composed of cells
      • All cells come from prexisting cells
      • Modern cells evolved from a common ancestor
  • Describe how Microscopes reveal the features of cells

    • Microscopes contain a property that allows detail to be seen called resolution.
    • Resolution for the human eye is about 0.2mm or 200 micro meters
    • Most cells are smaller than that
    • Microscopes magnify and increase resolution.
  • Describe the function of The cell membrane.

    • The cell membrane acts as a selectively permeable barrier, preventing some substances from crossing it while permitting other substances to enter and leave the cell.
    • By regulating transport across it, the cell membrane allows the cell to maintain a more or less constant internal environment. 
    • As the cell’s boundary with the outside environment, the cell membrane is important in communicating with adjacent cells and receiving signals from the environment.
    • The cell membrane often has proteins protruding from it that are responsible for binding and adhering


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