Philosphy through Christianity ;Death and the Afterlife

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The Body & Soul

The Body: physical , mortal , seeks physical pleasure

The Soul:spiritual , immortal , sets humans apart from animals , is the piece of god within all humans

Quotes about the Soul: "So God created man in his own image , in the image of god he created him"- Genesis 1:47. "The Lord God formed man form the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life , and man being a living being " - Genesis 2:7

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Heaven , Purgatory & Hell

Heaven: experiences great happiness , surrounded by god's love , you must lead a good life and believe in jesus' teachings

Different belief's about Heaven: 1 heaven is a physical places , world that you go to once you die . 2 heaven is a state of mind that you go to once you die

Quotes about Heaven:"Jesus said to him I promise you that today you will be in heaven with me in paradise" - Luke 23:43 "And I saw the Holy City , the new Jerusalem" Revelation 25:42

Purgatory: Roman catholic belief , where Christian's wait before they go to heaven so they can be cleansed and free of sin

Hell:unbelievable pain & sadness , completely departed from God's love

Quotes about Hell : "Then he will say to those on his left Depart from me , you are the cursed" Mathew 25:42

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Repent & Forgiveness

Christians believe that :

- God judge's us on how we live our life's on earth and how we treat the poor elderly and others not as fortunate as ourselves

- If we choose to reject God we are departed from his love forever

- If we repent and truly mean it we will be forgiven

- We may pray for forgiveness

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Salvation is God's action to form a bond with humans:

- The sins of humanity were erased when Jesus died

- God's only son died for us

- The resurrection shows not even death can separate humans from God

- Salvation is offered to everyone

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Christian funerals

Order of a Christian funeral

Bible reading - Eulogy - prayers - Hymns - Holy Communion (RC) - burial

Why do we have funerals ?

- an acknowledgement that the person is no longer part of our lives and to celebrate a new life without this person

- draw happiness and comfrot that the person is now with god and to celebrate the life of the person

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