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key words

god- the creator of the world- diety 

symbolism- something that points out or explains something 

reveltaion- something shown that was previously hidden 

awe- completeley overwhelmed by God's presence 

community- a group of people with something in common 

afterlife- life after death 

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existence of God

- muslims believe God unites everyone

- muslims believe Allah is the one true God- mohammed is the prophet 

-reveltation points to the reality of God

- existance of the world is proof that God exists 

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muslim teachings on the nature of God

-demands obediance

- cause of all things 

-Allah judges

- creator

-99 names

-God rewards the faithful

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christian teachings on the nature of God

- omni-present

- omni-scient

-one god - three ways: father son holy spirit

- judges and punishes 

- extra-marital sex is adultery

- god loves like a father 


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arguments for and against God's existance

- no proof

- suffering goes against all loving God 

- scripture

- nature

-personal expieriance 

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nature of religion in society

- society is different

- not valuable- many teachings are out-dated; no longer relevant 

-many people no longer believe in God

- encourages moral/ ethical behaviour

-provides motivation to live a good life 

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importance of religious symbols

-adds focus when praying 

- adds understanding - difficult concepts

- adds meaning

- deepens faith

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how do religious believers experience God

- worship and prayer

- church

- acts of kindness

- through nature 

- holy books

- revelation 

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how do believers respond to God?

- helping others

- prayer- private or public

- pilgramage


- church

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christian teachings on the afterlife

- heaven and hell

- god judges and punishes

- body is ressurected- jesus' example

- afterlife depends on a persons deeds

- eternal life after death

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muslim teachings on the afterlife

- soul is collected by angel of death 

- soul instantly released 

- afterlife is determined by your actions 

- good enter paradise , bad enter hell 

- angles watch and judge 

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christian funerals

- in a church 

- hymns

- bible reading 

- buried/ cremated 

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muslim funerals

- body washed and dressed by family member of the same sex 

- all equal after death 

- body dressed in white 

- buried 24hrs later 

- prayers at mosque and grave 

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