Non-religious arguments for life after death

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Remembered Lives

Remembered lives

Belief- People may belive they had flashback memories of previous lives, suggesting that death is not the end

Christians Response- Christians believe tjat life after death is heaven(or hell), So memories of previous lives are mistaken.

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Paranormal Events

Paranormal Events

Belief- Paranormal Events are unexplained events with a spiritual cause, e.g. ghosts which some people consider to be evidence of life after death.

Christian response- Christians do not accept these as evidence of life after death as nothing in the Bible supports ideas of souls coming back to Earth after death.

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Belief- Some may think it is logical there is an afterlife, to give life meaning.

Christian Response- Christians might respond that it is more than logic, as evidence is given in the Bible

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Belief- It makes sense that there should be reward after death for living a good life on Earth- But this would not be with God.

Christian Response- Chrsitians agree that good deeds may be rewarded in heaven, but that it is only through having faith in Jesus that we are reconciled with God.

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Belief- The idea of life after death can give people hope and make them less afraid of death.

Christian Response- Christians agree, but also believe they will be reunited with God in heaven

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Meeting Loved ones who have passed on

Meeting Loved ones who have passed on

Belief- Meeting loved ones who have died is a key reason people believe in the afterlife.

Christian response- Views of heaven differ, but most christians believe that we will be reunited with loved ones in heaven.

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