The afterlife and Judgement

The Afterlife and Judgement

Christians believe in an afterlife. However, different Christians have different views on it:

  • They will be ressurected and recieve eternal life after death - gift from God dependant on faith in God
  • They will be judged by God at some point after death: rewarded through heaven OR punished through hell.
    • This judgement will happen either very soon after death OR the Day of Judgement (the end of the world)

Some of the beliefs are found in Apostle's Creed:  "[God] will come to judge the living and the dead"

  • The Bible helps Christians understand what they will be judged on:
    • Faith in Jesus as God's son
    • Their behavior and actions during their lifetime.  
  • The Parable of the sheep and goats discribe how God will judge people.  
  • It teaches that in serving others, they are serving Jesus so they will be rewarded.  
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