The soul

Christian beliefs about the soul.

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The Soul

Christians believe humans have a mind and body, but would also argue there is something more to humans, making them unique - a soul.

Some common ideas of the soul include:

  • the part of a human that is not physical.
  • the part of humans that lives on after that body has died.
  • the spiritual aspect of a human that makes each person unique from every other.
  • the part of a human that allows them to relate to God.
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Death and the afterlife

Christians believe that God is the ultimate judge of all humankind. they believe that at death God will judge all people according to both their faith in him and their actions.

Repentance and forgiveness

  • Christians do not believe that they will be sent to eternal punishment if they fail to do right all the time.
  • They believe God to be loving and forgiving.
  • Through their CONFESSION and REPENTANCE he removes their wrongdoings so they can no longer be found guilty for them.
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