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- Perechoretic community. - father, son, holy spirit. the ultimate group. we feel the need for love and belonging because of Gods place in this community.

- imago dei.

- symbols, you can touch God but you can touch a symbol. ''humans have a God shaped hole in there lives'

- Karl BarthJesus is a word of God.

                   - The bible is a word from God

God is ontoloigically love.

Mia ousia treis hypothasis mean one essence three beings in greek. 

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William Payley;

Teological argument. The world has such an intrecut design, there must be a skilfull designer, who is God and he must have a purpose for everything.

the watch - everything fits together, and works in a certain way God must of designed everything in a special way for its own purpose.

Thomas Aquinas

Roman Catholic.

Cosmological Argument.

God is the uncaused.

The unmoved mover.

God caused everything, and created the world out of ex-nihilo, nothing was there before him. ''there was never a time when he was not''

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St Anselm

He said, 'that which nothing is greater can be concieved' This means that God must exist otherwise we could not produce this description. 

Argument from Experience. 

people argue that God can be experienced, this is there evidence for God's existence. This is a personal experience with God, some people argue that there is no evidence to suggest that someone has really experience God. 

Moral Argument. 

This argument supports the fact that everyone has an idea of what is 'right' and 'wrong' sometimes called the conscience. They argue where did this information come from? natural information that we automatically understand. 

Upbringing and Background 

Some people are brought up in Christian families, this obviously would influence them allot to believe in God, this is where some people's religious views come from. 

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A miracle is something that happens which cannot be explained by human activity or science. This could be evidence that God exists. 

There ARE miracles in the old testement. 

When God split the red sea, through the power of moses. 

The miracle of Jesus could be said to be one of the most important miracles in the bible. 

Miracles Today; Lourdes, France. 

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The Bible

Jewish people only use the old testament. 

Christians use both old and new. 

There are 66 books in the bible. 

39 in the old testament, and 27 in the new. 

there were 41 writers. 

The religion of Judaism, is keeping the law in order to please God. 

Christianity, is having faith in order to please God. 

Worship means to have a deep relationship

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There are 26,000 denomenations in Christianity. 

Protestants and Roman Catholics. 

Protestants would view the cross, but roman catholics would have Jesus on the cross. 

''speak the truth in love'' this quote is from the bible, its means to tell people the truth and be true to yourself out of love. 

Love is honest. 

Amen means let it be. 

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Food is at the centre of religion. 

Catholics have mass, ''take and eat. This is my body, given in rememberance of me'' 

People fast because, they want to prove their faith in God, because Jesus did, and because of the imago dei. 

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Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

Christians believe the body houses the soul. 

Catholics believe to get into heaven you have to do functionally good things, therefore sometimes they worry they havent done enough for God. 

Also, they believe in purgatory, this is in the middle of heaven and hell, where you go if you've done something bad and need to pay for it. 

 Protestants believe that to get into heaven you have to be judged whether you are ontologically good. They don't believe in purgatory. 

''you must be born again'' this is what Jesus said. 

Heaven is the ontologically competition, this is a protestant statement. 

our soul is who we are.

The pragmatic aruement is an arguement based on the situation not facts. 

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Funeral rites, are the customs and things that happen at a funeral. 

At a christian funeral there is, a bible reading, prayers, a eulogy, hymns, Eucharist at catholic funerals, and the committal. 

 Funeral rites helped to say a proper goodbye to people. 

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A deistic God is one who does not interviene with the world. 

Theodicy means if there is a good god, why do bad things happen. 

John Hick said that suffering brings out the best in the people. 

Irenaus said that suffering is in the world for a purpose, this relates to the teleological arguement. 

Suffering is the ultimate test. 

Feuerbach said that God is made in our image, he turned the imago dei around. 

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The theory of evolution was discovered by Charles Darwin, it can be found in his book called 'the origin of species' He looked at how creatures have changed over time, and the way they have mutated to adapt to there climate. He was a theist.  

The big bang theory is that there was an explosion of gas, causing rocks and gases to fly out everywhere, causing the formation of the world. 

God created the world in seven days out of ex-nihilo. 

''in many ways science is like religion, it has faith, a creed, worship and followers'' 

Science does not go against religion. 

Exegesis means what it meant. 

Hermeneutics means what it means today. 

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Liberal And Literal Christians.

Liberal christians look at exegesis and hermenutics, they asses the bible as a metaphor, looking at what it meant before and what it means today. They may believe in the theory of evolution because God could have made the world by evolving it over time. 

Literal Christians believe in just exegesis, they only look at what it meant. They believe that God made the world in exactly seven days and that everything in the bible is true.

They both believe that, God made the world, he has a purpose for the world, and that God exists.  

ockhams razor, is that the simplest answer may be the right one. people look too deep into things. 

''that which is unassumed is unhealed'' 

omnibenevolent means all loving. 

omniscient means all knowing. 

omnipotent means almighty power. 

omnipresent means everywhere. 

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People and animals.

The ladder of abstraction.

we anthropomorphise animals allot. making something not human, human. 

Animals should have rights. 

humans are more important because of the imago dei, but we were given stewardship by God to look after the world and animals. 

God made the world for humans to rule over, but they cannot do whatever they want. 

They believe everything belongs to god. 

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Words and Quotes.

Saint Augustine said love god and do as you please. 

Soren Kierkeguard said i define life backwards in the order to live it forwards, these are both linked because they both show that they are going to heaven so they do what they want because they have been judged by God because they are ontologically good. 

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