Philosophy- Belief about Deity

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What is God like?

Personal God- refers  to God as a person (Divine person) who you could talk to as a friend  with human emotions through prayer.

Omnipresent- means God is everywhere at once. But how can a personal God be everywhere at once!?


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Impersonal God- refers to God as a concept, a force e.g. light or an idea e.g. The prime number theory that  God cannot be divided or reduced. But can you have a personal relationship with a force or idea!?


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Where is God?

Immanent- refers to a God in the world with us and takes an active role e.g. human history. But an immanent God may seem small and fallible!

Transcendent- refers to a God that is outside the world and does not directly act in human history. But doesn't this make God seem remote and separate from our experience on earth!?

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How many Gods are there?

Monotheism- is believing in one God e.g Christians.

Polytheism- is the belief in more than one God.

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Beliefs about God

Omnipotent- all powerful

Omnipresent- everywhere 

Omniscient- all knowing 

The Trinity- the belief that God exists in three persons: Father (transcendent), Son (immanent and personal) and Holy spirit (immanent yet impersonal). 


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Nicene Creed:

"We believe in God the Father... Jesus Christ the son of God... We believe in the Holy Spirit... who proceeds from the Father and Son". 


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Reasons for belief

  • Upbringing (religious parents)
  • Search for meaning
  • Miracles and the power of prayer.
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  • Cosmological argument- Thomas  Aquinas said that everything has a cause and affect but God is the only uncaused cause. 
  • Design argument- intricate things like the universe can't have come about by chance.
  • William Paley's watchmaker theory something as intricate as a watch has a watchmaker, it wasn't made by chance.
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Miracles- when something extraordinary happens that can not be explained by science.

Jesus performed miracles:

  • Feeding the 5000
  • Walking on water

God performed miracles as well in the Bible: 

  • Birth of Jesus 
  • Resurrection of Jesus
  • And many believe miracles still happen today 


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