Youth Opposition Groups

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  • Youth Opposition Groups
    • Swing Movement
      • They were a group of young people who generally came from better off families.
      • They opposed everything the Nazis did that affected their lives.
      • They listened to American music (e.g. Jazz and swing). Also hung out at nightclubs and bars and danced American dances because they resented the way Nazis controlled people's lives.
      • The Nazis closed the bars they went to and arrested some of the members.
    • Edelweiss Pirates
      • They were a bunch of boys who did not like the Hitler youth movement.
      • Officially began in 1936, they were spread in all across German towns and had different names.
      • In cologne they were known as 'Navajos'.
      • They were mostly from working class.
      • They made fun of Hitler youth groups and sometimes violently attacked them.
      • Some groups spread anti-Nazi propaganda.
      • They did it because they didn't like the Nazis controlling lives and some opposed Nazi political ideas.
    • White Rose
      • Hans, Sophie Scholl and Christoph Protst.
      • Printed leaflets against Nazism and distributed them around Munich university because they were anti-Nazi.
      • Targeted uni students because they are more open-minded.
      • Arrested and executed in the same day in 1943.


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