Opposition to the Nazis: Youth

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  • Opposition to the Nazis: Young People
    • The White Rose Group
      • Issued leaflets in public places, on doorsteps or in post boxes
      • Believed that if they publicised all bad things Nazis were doing, Germans might support them opposing the Nazis
      • Leaflets publicised Nazi atrocities
      • Group set up by Hans and Sophie Schall and Professor Huber at Munich Uni, 1941
      • Scholls were arrested by the Gestapo after being seen handing out leaflets by a Nazi caretaker
    • The Edelweiss Pirates
      • A national resistance group, named after their emblem the edelweiss flower
      • Wore checked shirts and dark trousers
      • Went on hikes to beat up Hitler Youth
      • Picked up propaganda posters dropped from allied bombers and pushed them through doorways
      • Provided shelters
      • 1944, killed leader of the Cologne Gestapo
      • Caught and hung for their actions
    • The Swing Youth
      • Group of young people from upper class background
      • Resisted the Nazis by copying fashions and culture of America and Britain
      • Swing's culture clashed with traditional Germany and directly opposed Nazi agenda
      • Himmler said a half measured approach to swing groups was not acceptable
      • Members of swing groups, labour and work camps were classed as inappropriate
      • Were to be sent to concentration camps for 2-3 years
      • Hitler said parents should be investigated and also put in concentration camps


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