OCR Psychology Core Studies - Bandura, Ross and Ross (1)

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Bandura, Ross and Ross (1)

Background: Albert Bandura, developed the "Social Learning Theory". SLT is an approach to child development which states children develop from learning from other people around them. Social learning theorists emphasise the role of observation and imitation of role models. Social Learning Approach originates from the theory of operant conditioning. All social learning theorists believe all behaviour is learned.

Aim: To see if children who were witnesses to an aggressive display by an adult, they would imitiate this aggressive behaviour when given the oppurtunity.


1. "Participants exposed to aggressive model will imitate the aggressive behaviour..."
2. "Participant's observing a non-aggressive model will behave less aggressively; their aggression will be inhibited..."
3. "Participants will imitate same-sex models more than opposite-sex models..."
4. "Boys will imitate aggression more than girls..."

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