Nucleur Test Ban

Cuban Missile Crisis

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- 1963 - Telephone line between USA and USSR to alert each other of crisis.

- 1963 - Nucleur ban treaty to be signed to stop the development and testing of nucleur bombs.

-1968 - Non- proliferation signed to promise not to supply other countries with nucleur technology.

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Missiles In Cuba

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13 Days

- 14/10/62 - Photo's of missile sites in Cuba

- Russian ships on the way to Cuba with nucleur weapons

- Kennedy being forced to carry out an air strike on missile bases

- American army make a blockade to stop boats carrying missile parts entering Cuba

- USSR tells USA they won't set up the missile bases providing Cuba is not invaded

- American spy plane shot down over Cuba

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USA Bloackade Of Cuba

- USA made a blockade around Cuba

- USSR ships contained nucleur weapons

- Blockade worked and the ships turned around

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