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Date Event Who? Information
Naval commanders at Kiel decided to send their ships out to fight the British
25th October 191 Getting Rid of the Kasie Germans fleet in one last suicidal bid for glory. Sailors mutinied.
The Kaiser and his Government did not try and sent the army to…

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April 1920 German Workers Party The group The German Worker's Group changed its name to the National Socialist
German Workers Party (the NSDAP) known as the Nazis.

29th July 1921 German Workers Party The group Adolf Hitler was elected leader of the NSDP (the Nazis party) and he took the…

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27th August 1928 The Kellog-Briadd Pact Everyone An international effort to prevent another World War.

1929 The Young Plan Everyone The Young plan showed Germany working with foreign enemies to extend
reparations cost time to pay.
October 1929 Streseman's Death Streseman Streseman dies.

29th October 192 Black Tuesday Everyone Caused…

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Date Event Who? Information
1903 The Socials split Socialists The social democrats split into the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks

1904 Trans-Siberian Railwa Everyone The trans-siberian railway was completed, 68,400km of railway.

1905 Russo-Japanese war Everyone Russia was defeated in the war against Japan.
200000 workers march into St Petersberg, a…

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Lenin institutes War communism. War communism is his new economic
policy which does away to with the whole private sector of the economy.
14th July 1918 War Communism Everyone Banks were nationalized, private acocunts confiscated, labour camps are
formed and 'upper class' peasants known as Kulaks, lose their land, which…

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Stalin, fearing opposition within his own party started to push people out of
the party who he thought would oppose him. He staged public trials, got
14th December 19 The Purges Everyone forged evidence, and began executing anyone who could potentially
oppose him. The most noted of these people were…

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Date Event Who? Information

The Yalta conference was held at the end of WW2 to decide what to do with
Germany after its defeat. Was held in the USSR, and was attended by Stalin
(USSR), Roosevelt (USA) and Churchill (GB). Was granted a success as the
leaders agreed to: Germany…

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Truman gave a statement that said The USA would help Greece and Turkey
out. The USA gave the two countries $400 million, which was used to support
Greece and Turkey against communist influence. If Turkey became
Truman, communist, Greece would be surrounded and isolated by Communist
12th March 1947 The…

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North Korea and South Korea had split into two separate states, North Korea
having a Communist leader Kim Il Sung and South Korea having an anti-
communist leader Syngman Rhee. North Korea was supported by the USSR.
The North Koreans attacked the South Koreans on the 25th of June, they…

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Soviets, Nagy
4th November 195 Re-entering of Soviets and They had reached Budapest, over 1000 tanks had moved into the city to crush
Hungarians the rising. Nagy appealed to the West for help, but none came. The soviets
seized the radio station and there was no organised defence.

Nagy, Kadar,…


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