Nazi Control

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Nazi Control Terror

The **

  • Short for Schutzstaffel (protection squad)
  • Hitler's personal bodyguards
  • They coukd arrest people without trial and search their houses.
  • They hunted down any Nazi opposition and ruthlessly destroyed it.
  • Two divisions:
  • The Warre ** were elite soldiers who followed the regular German army into battle
  • The Death's Head Unit were responsible for running the concentration camps

The police

  • They continued with their usual routines under Nazi controll.
  • Nazis controlled them
  • Many high ranking policemen were Nazis
  • They spent most of their time ignoring crimes done by the Nazis because of this.
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Nazi Control Terror

Local Wardens

  • Twons were divided into blocks & each block had a worden.
  • The warden would write reports on the people who lived there.
  • They would watch people who did not participate in pro-Nazi celebrations.
  • Their reports would go to the Gestapo
  • The reports could decide whethe a person got a job or get arrested for being anti-Nazi

The Gestapo

  • They were Nazi secret police
  • They kept a watch on German citizens
  • Used methods: phone tapping, collecting info from informants.
  • Anyone seen as anti-Nazi was targeted and could be imprisoned, tortured or sent to a concentration camp without trial
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Nazi Control Terror

The Courts

  • All judges had ro take the pledge of loyalty to Hitler and become Nazi members.
  • This made having a fair trial impossible.
  • New Nazi laws were enforced.

Concentration Camps

  • Prisoners were questionned, tortured or forced to work.
  • They were first set up to hold political opponents of the Nazis.
  • By the late 1930's, the ** Death's Head Unit forced prisoners to work for Nazi owned businesses.
  • The concentration camps now prisoned: Jews, communists, disabled, gypsys ....
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