nazi propaganda

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  • Nazi propaganda
    • films
      • cinema was used to pass on Nazi values and brainwash the German people, false reports of the war and films like the ''eternal Jew'' helped the Nazis spread their anti-Semite messages
    • festivals and events.
      • the nazis used traditions and festivals to spread their ideals, indoctrinating children especially, many myths and tales were twisted and nazified for the use as propaganda.
    • media
      • papers were under complete Nazi editorial control as of 1933. using the papers, speeches were published, and antisemitism was a common theme in the news papers.
      • radio broadcasts were completely controlled by the Nazi party, external broadcasts were run by Nazi sympathizers
      • art was mostly exempt from Nazi control, fine art continued but many artists embraced Aryan ideals in sculptures, paintings and drawings. political and anti-semite art was very rare as art was seen to be on a higher plane and glorifying the Aryan race.


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