Rise of Nazis

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  • Rise of Nazis
    • Elections in 1930
      • Chancellor Heirich Bruning couldnt control Reichstag - big increase for seats for both Nazis and communists
      • Bruning had to rule by emergency decree as no single party had enough seats to control Reichstag
    • Hindenburg refused to give Nazis power
      • Appointed inexperienced Franz von Papen
      • 230 seat Reichstag - Hitler
    • Nazis lost seats
      • Lost 34 in 1932
      • Hindenburg appointed Kurt von Schleicher as Chancellor
        • Schleicher tried to cause divisions in Nazi Party by asking another Nazi to become chancellor
          • Gregor Strasser but Hitler stopped him accepting
            • Hindenburg gave in - Hitler Chancellor 1933
    • Nazis did well in elections because
      • Controlled new media
      • Opposition meetings banned
      • Used SA to terorise opponents
      • Fire in Reichstag Hitler said communists started it, created opposition - Communists arrested
      • Hitler allowed emergency decree to deal with situation - used these powers to intimidate communist votes


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